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About me

I have a passion for grass, in fact

my thirty years managing golf clubs has me thinking about turf everyday.

I enjoy creating a healthy environment for desirable plants to thrive, while making it very difficult for undesirable plants (weeds) and pests to survive.

 I'm a licensed commercial applicator by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

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Why choose Lawn Shepherd?

My passion is making lawns healthy and beautiful. I do this by developing a plan specifically for each yard. I start with a soil analysis to understand the soil's deficiencies, then develop and execute a plan to nourish the soil and the grass.

Because I'm your neighbor and I have experience dealing with the same soil and environmental challenges we have in common.  I'll take as much pride in your yard as I do my own. I'll be driving by to check on "my lawns" regularly.

My service will be more precise and more comprehensive than any corporate company. I'll be applying the products to your lawn, not an hourly spray technician.

Because of my knowledge, because I care, and because this is my business, your lawn will receive the highest level of care.

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My Lawn Services

  • Weed Control

  • Fertilization

  • Disease Prevention

  • Insect Mitigation

  • Aerification

  • Irrigation management

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Consulting Services

  • Hybrid Bermuda and Zoysia Conversion

  • Putting Green Design and Construction

  • Irrigation Renovation

  • Sports Turf Maintence Plans

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My front yard was attacked by a fungus and was completely wiped out.  Mike started my lawn on a regimen of fungicides and fertilizer.  In about 2 months my yard was back thick and healthy.   Mike really knows his grass!!

Scott G. Oakbrook West

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